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Southeast Neighborhood Website

Spencer Butte Middle School
Edgewood Elementry School
Parker Elementry School

Amazon Parkway
Shadow Wood

Southeast Neighborhood

The southeast neighborhood is the most southernly neighborhood in Eugene. It is south of Laurelwood and east of Crest Drive. It is a large residential neighborhood with a high proportion of public land. The population of southeast Eugene is 13,363 which is 8.3% of the population of the Eugene area. There are numerous parks in this area and almost a third of the land is zoned for public use. The Amazon Parkway, Spencer's Butte and Ridgeline Park are all only a short drive for residents of this neighborhood. Amazon Parkway is a popular jogging area, while Spencer's Butte and Ridgeline are great places to hike or go for a bike ride. This neighborhood is also close to Amazon Public pool where the kids can go to cool off during the summer. Southeast Eugene is only a short drive from downtown and the University, making it easy for residents to take advantage of all that Eugene has to offer.

Southeast Eugene is part of the 4j school district and the majority of students attend Spencer's Butte and Roosevelt Middle School and South Eugene High School. The Amazon bus station makes getting around easy for those who choose not to drive. For more information of southeast Eugene visit the Southeast Neighbors website at http://www.southeastneighbors.org/.